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Alien.....sculpted in zbrush and then 3D printed at 1/4th scale model kit.
Bruce from the movie Jaws.  Sculpted in zbrush and 3D printed at 1/10 scale.
"Queen Alien" zbrush for model kit company.
The Derelict from the movie"Alien"-Zbrush-Available for sale painted or kit-2012
Space Jockey from the movie Alien.  This is printed version of the zbrush sculpt.  2 feet long.
Vermithrax Bust sculpted in Zbrush and printed.  Private commission and also make into model kit.
Space Jockey Bust from the Movie Alien-Zbrush-Available for Sale soon!-2012
Kane from the movie Alien.  Sculpted in zbrush and 3D print for the my client Polarlights.
Dragon Skeleton-Zbrush-Coming Soon for Sale!-2012
Draco-Resin-21"x20"13-Available Painted and Kit-2009
Vermithrax 01-Resin-36"x32"12"-Available as Painted or Kit-2003
Vermithrax 02-Resin-14"x13"x7"-Available for Sale Painted or Kit-2006
Howling Bust-Resin-24"x24"18"-Available Painted or Kit-2004
Howling Figure-Resin-1/6 scale-Available for Sale Painted or Kit-2004
Werewolf Mask-Silicone and Fiberglass-Lifesize-Created for Halloween Prop Company-2009
Alien 3-Resin-Lifesize-Available for Sale Painted or Kit-2003
Dragon Rider-Resin-9"x7"x8"-Available for Sale Painted or Kit-2003
Godzilla 64-Resin-12"x9"x8"-Commissioned from Blackheart Studios
Concept Darth Vader-Resin-Private Commission-2007
Kong vs Rex-Resin-6"x7"x5"-Available for Sale Painted or Kit-2004
Male Species-Latex-Lifesize-Created for the movie"Species"-1994
Giger Chair-Clay-Lifesize-Created for Distortion-1994
Daggerist-Super Sculpy-6"x5"x3"-Private Commission-1990
Zombie-Latex-Lifesize-Commission by a Halloween Prop Company-2007
Taco Bell Alien-Latex-Lifesize-Created for Super Bowl Commercial-1994
Witch-Clay-Lifesize-Commission for a Halloween Prop Company-2009
Clown-Clay-30"x29"x18"-Commission for Halloween Prop Company-2009
Alien 01-Clay-4"x3"x3"-Private Commission-2009
Alien 02-Clay-4"x3"x3"-Private Commission-2009
Alien 03-Clay-4"x3"x3"-Private Commission-2009
Alien 04-Clay-4"x2"x3"-Private Commission-2009
Tarrna-Resin-1/6 scale-Available for Sale Painted or Kit-2005
Bill Wieger
1755 Palisades Dr.
West Palm Beach, FL.
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Science fiction is where my career began.  It was at Wonderfest in 1993 that my talent was discovered, and then to California for special effects. From dragons to aliens, Godzilla to Darth Vader, I love creating the mythical creatures that captivate and intrigue us all. Click on any photo for information about that particular piece.

       Contact me for sales information of any of these pieces.